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Players when wanting help on a certain question about a hand…it would be nice to post the hand # so that we can go back and look at hand. We would be able to tell you what happen if we could see it . If you happened to miss something in the hand, you are not going to write about it, so we can not give you an accurate answer.

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Better still, post the link to the hand so we can see it. Provide context as you can to help everyone give the best responses and advice.

Hi, this is what the poker forums and in particular the Poker Strategy thread are for, so please go ahead and ask away about hands you played in.

A general note to everyone: Please remember the other players in the hand you share are real people and don’t be too harsh about their play if you think it is something you yourself would do differently.

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No you made it more clearer 1warlock then I did. I meant the link I just said it wrong and you made it more understandable of what to do. thx…cy around

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My bad - thought you were suggesting just posting the hand #, not the actual hand. All good and great suggestion.

This is particularly helpful for us when you’re trying to find out whether you’ve experienced a bug or some other issue – whether you’re posting here on the forums or getting in touch with us at support. Without a hand number, we can’t always find the problem or have to make assumptions. This is great advice. Thanks!

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not sure my request is in the right place not good on the computer don’t do well with direction would like more information went it come to enter the tourments