Wanted: a poker room owner/manager so I can pick his/her brains

Quite some time ago, like 2016 or so, one of our players wrote and posted a series of articles about operating a (live) poker room. I read the whole series at the time the articles were published and even printed them out–though they’ve since been lost due to my own carelessness. I’ve searched through every category looking at all the threads and cannot find any trace of those articles. They were very “in depth,” addressing things like who in the card room has access to the chip-drop boxes for the rakes. They were really the nit-picky details of the business that only the nerdiest of nerds (like me) would care about. They were very informative articles.
The reason I was searching was I wanted to ask the author a couple of questions about running a small card room. If anyone remembers who wrote those articles and/or where they have been moved to, I’d appreciate being put in touch with that player or someone with equivalent experience. I’m looking for background for a story I want to write, and I’d prefer to get the details correct, if possible rather than bluff and hope not to get called on it.
Thanks in advance, Alan25main (Ron Pittenger)


Hi Alan,

It was I.

See you at the meeting tomorrow.



Super! Thanks. See you there.