Walmart "Greeters"

Anybody else notice how the “greeters” in Walmart become theft loss Nazis when tourist season starts?

Employee - Can I please see your receipt?
Me - Sure, here it is (and I keep walking with my cart full of goods).
Employee - Sir, Sir, I need to see what’s in your cart.
Me - Great, come on out with me and you can help me load it into my truck. You can see EVERYTHING I bought and PAID FOR.

So far, I’ve never received any help (despite at times actually needing it - closer to death than birth and all), just some confused/bewildered looks containing festering resentment at challenging their “authority” and then completely ignoring them.

I’m always nice to them because I realize they probably make minimum wages and are just trying to do their jobs and get by.

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.” - Malcolm S. Forbes.


I am pleasant with them, always, because I want them to stop theft. Theft raises the cost of goods for all of us. Now that we (in California) bring our own bags, theft is way easier for some. I want it to be a little less easy.


showing your receipt does not decrease theft in Wal-mart

Ahhhh–our greeters have a whole procedure: They compare what’s in our carts or bags with what’s listed on our receipt, and they check the date and time, too. Same procedure happens at Costco. If that doesn’t slow down theft, then I guess I don’t know what would. I’ve read about a new device that scans bar codes leaving the store in one flash, compares to the receipt in hand, and alerts the store if there’s theft. No checkers are needed, no greeters either–just a huge security force! lol

Agh… I was in some kind of mood last night and I think my statement is pretty dumb. I should delete but meh, I’m human may as well show that side of me… :slight_smile:

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