Waiting time for chips is too long

time to wait for chips is crazy

How long do you think you should have to wait to top up your chips? If there’s no waiting time, then it could encourage loose play and lessen the enjoyment of players on the low stake tables.

may buying goes faster

For the loans… cant you changethat?

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Thanks for the suggestion donnna69. How do you suggest it should work? Remember, we want to discourage reckless all-in play, if you can loan too quickly, then there’s little incentive to start playing cautiously.

I dont know 30 mins everytime. When you cant get cards for nothing and you have a wait of over an hour…its lame

Or better yet reset the loan time twice every 24 hours…

Okay, we’ll discuss this amongst the team; and see if we need to make some change to the loan period. I’d welcome more feedback from other members, in the meantime. Do you think the loan period is too long? How would you change it?