Waiting list to get a seat on full tables

Could it be possible to make a waiting list for the tables? So the first reserve will get the seat.

Please dont. players wait in the lobby already , cant we find something to make them open new room and RP had more players then?

You know that situation when there’s only 1 table on med or high where people are playing, or you want to join a friend. And of course it’s full again. So you’re patiently waiting for someone to leave. When someone does, the seat gets taken by somebody else who quickly buys in with a minimum stack. This can be really frustrating imo. Since people care about re-stock for who are already playing why not create a fair “queue” system; the first to sign up gets to join first too. 20 seconds to take a seat should be reasonable. Maybe it would also be nice to see how much people are waiting to join that table. Let me know how you all feel about this idea.

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I’ve merged this topic with an existing one. If you like this idea then please vote on it, and if it’s popular we’ll consider adding it. Thanks!

The waiting list is a great idea. If you show there names; the next players can contact them to play other table or wait also.

10 votes so far. I think this is a cool idea, and if it gets more votes, we’ll definitely aim to work on it sooner! :slight_smile:

everybody wants this feature… just not everyone is looking into these boards.

Good point! What can we do to make more people look at these boards, I wonder?!?!

i think the less people look at this board, the better u did your job :smiley:

what i can think of right now is a small space next to the playing tables, where the get chips adverting used to be. latest idea’s or latest threads, and " show more" just 1 click while playing :wink:

LOL… hmm, that’s a thought.

Good news, we’re going to start work on this feature, this month.

I like the waiting list idea

Sometimes a table is full and you cant get a seat. When one does become available then it can be taken by other players. You can open another table but then your waiting for it to fill up. Maybe its worth considering having a waiting list so you can reserve your place in advance.

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We’re almost finished work on this feature and plan to launch it next week!

Pleased to announce the waiting list feature went live today. As always tell us what you think!

I just tested it! Very nice!! Great job :slight_smile:

Love this new feature works good!