Wait button when returning to game

The wait button can be so annoying. I have returned to a game and pushed the wait button thinking it will be the next hand I will play only to be sitting there for sometimes 3, 6 or more hands and still not get dealt in only to have to sit out and then try again. I don’t get it why does this happen?

You not have to wait if you not want, you can tick in game-settings " Always post extra big blind when sitting down.
When you return from sit out you can click on the button “pay blinds”.

Players who not want to pay the missed blinds (or not the blind when they sit at the table) they can wait.

I know what my options are when I come back that is not the issue, There should be a set number of hands that one has to wait to be dealt in after the “wait button” is pushed even if it involves a higher blind. There is a flaw in the programming. I think. once the “wait button” is pushed I should not have to wait 5 to 7 or more hands to be dealt in, if I’m dealt at all after pushing that button. It seem to be very random amount of hands/blinds one has to wait once that button is pushed.

Hey gimmy. The situation you describe happens because someone else joined after you clicked “wait” and they auto-posted the big blind, thus meaning the “rotation order” around the table starts in a new place.