WAID'S poker tips for Replay

I’ve been thinking about a chart i saw recently. It was based on hands played by, and recorded by,love2eattacos, showing a comparison of what odds say should be expected, and what was recorded from hands played by love2eattacos. It was how close the expected and actual matched that puzzled me. I don’t think there were mistakes made, or a replay plot in the works, but i did expect a greater variance due to the many, many ways that the poker i play, and the poker i watch, differ. Excessive limping, and by extension, increased involvement from the blinds, should be enough to skew the numbers. Then I realized that tacos and I play a totally different game, stakes, and opponents, using very different skill levels, and mathematical knowledge. this is all preamble to saying if you’re serious about learning poker, and increasing your skill, listen to people like love2eattacos, and not to me.
To those just bumming around forums, waiting for a game to start, I give you:

Always play your starting hand. The dealer gave you two cards for a reason, to over value them.
Doesn’t matter what you have, but what you think you have, as long as you bet accordingly. Experienced and educated players will attempt to analyze what range we are playing, but we got their number, cause WE DON’T HAVE ONE. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I know that realistically,you have to fold sometime. You may need a beer, or a bathroom break, but try to keep it short. You never know when a K3 or 67 might come around.

Suited cards are golden. Feel free to raise. Have you not seen the monochrome flops, and flushed out boards that seem to pop up all the time? and on that same note…
Never fold a flush draw. I say just push it as soon as it comes around, but if you choose not to, be sure to bet it like there’s no tomorrow. Besides, if you miss, you’ll probably hit the runner, runner you need for the straight.

Who needs kickers. Go ahead and fold that K3. Whatcha gonna do when the flop goes 383? You’re gonna wish you had followed the advice from WAID’S POKER TIPS FOR REPLAY. That’s what.

Don’t disrespect 72. Remember that time you flopped 272, and won all those chips. No one will ever know that you’re sitting on a monster. And as we all know, seven always comes.

Don’t get discouraged. So what if the turn just fell, and you still have nothing. If you have an overcard, bet it. What do you think the river is for.

Always limp. Let’s face it, you’re not gonna win every hand. There may be someone else at the table who’s read WAID’S POKER TIPS FOR REPLAY, and they’ll be getting their share, Work it out among the enlightened. You might need a few chips for your next lucky break. If that doesn’t work for you, and you have a big stack, you can always…

Bet like the wind. So what if you just lost 10 BB to A high. It’s a brand new hand, a brand new day.

Don’t disrespect 23s 23s gives you two fifths of a flush and a straight, and 32 doesn’t buzz nearly as loud as some of the other cards. Sounds like a very impressive hand to me.

Shove freely. If some one before you calls all-in, try very hard to insta-call. Show em you ain’t scarred.-There are exceptions. You want to be below QQ, AQ, KQ, or pretty much anything with a Q in it. No real reason, but it’s easy to remember. Stay away from AK. Sooner or later it comes up against a real hand, like T7 or 96. How often does the entire board not even come close to one of those hands?
Sooner or later, no amount of overtures, insults, or stink eye, will convince the dealer to deal you the cards you so richly deserve. Or maybe one of those who won’t be named gets bored and decides to use you for entertainment. Suddenly, you’re getting cards that come from a deck that only has 3s, 8s, jokers, and every other diamond. There’s only one thing you can do at times like this. Head over to forums and let everyone know how badly you’re getting shafted. Make sure you have the offending hand, as well as a couple before and after, to provide context. Also, around 25 high gloss, 8x10, color photographs, with circles and arrows, and a paragraph on the back of each, describing the terrible injustice that has occurred.
I may have missed some things, and anyone is free to add to the list The main thing to remember is go for it. go for it. go for it The best that could happen is we end tournaments for as many people as possible. The worst is we bust out, and there’s always another table filling up. But don’t just suck out and go. Slip everyone a copy of WAID’S POKER TIPS FOR REPLAY, so they, too, can enjoy free chip poker, the easy way.


That’s certainly how people seem to play here.

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  • always fold pocket aces: they might get cracked and then you will probably get in tilt, avoid tilt and fold them preflop
  • suited cards might be golden but offsuit cards are platinum! not 1 but 2 possibilities to get flushes.
  • if you happen to still lose a hand make sure to whine as much as possible, the poker gods may hear it and have pity on you, so the next time they are more generous. in case this also fails, make sure to blame it on your opponent, he is the one that beat you after all so obviously it’s all his fault, also make sure to report him, it’s just rude to take your chips.
  • in case you might lose 2 hands in a row make sure to contact replaypoker because such a horrendous downswing means its just rigged. if they don’t agree just smash your pc, maybe that works

If someone at your table says, “Zzzzzz,” it’s just rude to refuse to play faster. There’s really nothing to think about, your feelings will tell you all you need to know. Remember, the built-in timer is just a suggestion, the actual time allowed is controlled by the most impatient player at the table.


That is an advanced Golden tip right there. Now we are playing GTO Omaha (Genius GoD GOAT Poker) - Double Suit. Super Exploit - Jedi Master!!!

You shouldn’t reveal your advanced strategy. Mortal humans would never understand it -EV.


WAID will be here all week. Don’t forget to tip the wait-uh-person.

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