Vulgar Language - Excessive Swearing - Personally Attacking other Players!

Vulgar Language - Excessive Swearing - Personally Attacking other Players!!!

RP needs harsher penalties for excessively violating COC (Code of Conduct). New players need to be better informed about the COC.

I recently played an SnG Astral - Orion with some of the most excessive vulgar language, swearing, personal attacks & fighting I have ever seen.

I’ve seen similar before. It almost never happens in the games I play but when I venture out there are places it’s common. It also seem to be a new player issue for the most part from my experience.

Honestly swearing really doesn’t bother me in moderation, much like drinking. There is one cuss word I’ll never ever use for whatever reason IDK. Even friendly banter & dissing players in a fun way - without attacking them - is part of the game or genuine poker. If you can’t take a joke or self criticise poker isn’t the game for you. There is a point when it is completely disruptive & distracting whilst trying to play poker. This line is crossed long before the point where it become abusive and totally unacceptable.

It’s not just one player you can mute either. Half the table is involved. It’s incredibly distracting & ruins the game for the table.

The current penalty system doesn’t seem to deter players from this unacceptable behaviour. Possibly more importantly maybe new players don’t understand the strict code of conduct on replay regarding “chat.”

Most players don’t bother reading terms & conditions for something as uneventful as joining a free play chip poker site, that is apparently risk free.

Firstly: I think players should have chat disabled until they accept an additional Chat Code of Conduct. Sure again they can ignore it, but its an extra step to make them aware.

Secondly: there needs to be harsher penalties. For repeated offenders: a penalty of 5% of bankroll might be more effective. Tournament wins are reduced to 50% for a week. Make a player pay 1BB every hand dealt as a penalty.

I expect penalties like these would be more effective because they really hurt. There were top 10 players that were on permanent chat ban bc of “inappropriate chat.”

I would point out that any player who experiences this sort of behaviour at the table should report it via as the Replay team will look at all such incidents and take action accordingly, This way we can help to keep the site an enjoyable experience for all players. If you click on the table avatar of any player who is causing disruption you will see a triangle with an exclamation mark from which you can report directly. You can also call a Moderator who will come to the table and hopefully try to defuse the situation.



RP has a very stick code of conduct. New Players seem to be completely oblivious to this. Its mostly new players from my experience. It should be common sense to behave moderately respectful. Some new players seem to need more reminders.

OFC some old players on here also don’t get the basic need to be moderately respectful.

I know some other platform like YouTube seem to have an almost anything goes COC. Honestly I think Pierce from Community is better behaved than many new players.


I think at times replay goes to far. been few times I been muted and don’t even know why. I think when players are muted they need to message that player and tell them what they did. all get is saying read the coc, but that doesn’t tell you exactly why a player been muted.

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Thank you for the suggestions about how we handle moderation. I’m not sure whether we’ll change anything up, as we currently use an escalating penalty process based on the type and frequency of the abuse. Ultimately, if someone is being abusive in chat, we don’t want them to be chatting. But we can certainly consider other options at some point.

We do include the abusive chat in messages we send to players. We think it’s important that players understand why action was taken on their account.

As we don’t have any short-term plans to change our process, and this topic is likely to devolve into complaints about specific account moderation, I’m going to close it out.