Vote players off of tables

need to be able to vote players off tables for has this feautre

Thanks for the suggestion ChiefsRule, can you explain to us how exactly the feature works on

I vote ChiefsDrule off, if I get the chance.

I think that this would be good idea limiting it to some degree… Not fair if good players are kicked out of table for being good, but sometimes it is really nasty to have someone yelling at chat for an hour. I think it would be good for them and e1else that they would take a break. Thats why i would suggest, that you could kick player only for spamming too much chat. But writing lots in chat doesn’t mean that people want to kick you so i would suggest that u would need like all players vote or 7 or 8 / 9 players on full table. The break could be be like 1/2 or a hour, but not too long imo. And yes mute buttons don’t work or are atleast unreliable…

Edit1: It would greatly encourage players to behave better, but it should not become tool for jerks to kick players out of table.

I could see this being abused in the way separi described it, where less experienced players would kick a more experienced player just for being more experienced. I could also see it being abused by friends, kicking someone that isn’t their friend, so that a friend could join.

I feel like this would be a good addition, but I am worried about the abuse it could bring.

I think most people would agree with your comments.

If used correctly a voting system would be great, but of course it could also be abused for the reasons you’d mentioned.

We’d need to put in some extra safeguards to prevent abuse. I don’t think that would be so difficult to do, I think one problem might be getting everyone to vote. On a 9 person table if you needed 7 people’s vote, it would be frustrating to get 5 or 6 votes but not the 7 you needed, perhaps because the player doesn’t understand how it would work. Perhaps better to implement some sort of trust system whereby certain trusted players carry more weight, so if maybe just 4 or 5 of those players voted that would be enough. You see how the system could be developed in this way.

I guess we need to decide how big a problem it is, if it’s not such an issue, the time spent developing such a system would probably be better spent on new heavily requested features. But if it’s a constant problem that affects the enjoyment of the game and even drives some players away then it’s probably worth the effort.

I have played on several poker sites,PokerStars etc…

All have chat mute or ignore player same idea capability. I have never experienced this feature failing. Voting seems to be way too abstract to attempt to nail down and too many variables come into play, just my opinion, but I would recommend pursue the ignore button.

A couple of times a player entered a room to make troubles. If that player opens the room and not sit down, that player can not be muted. I think there should be an option to mute a player when that player is not playing. Maybe mute on his profile untill you unmute that player for yourself.

And yes B17, you said that before:))

"Maybe mute on his profile untill you unmute that player for yourself. " Great idea imo.

I’ve just added some suggestion for how to deal with spectators on this topic here: - please can you go there and vote for the solution you like best. Thanks!