VOTE on your favorite Omaha table names!

:ferris_wheel: A huge thanks to everyone who came up with ideas for our new Omaha tables! :carousel_horse:

We’re now leaving this in your capable hands! Please vote for your favorite names to help us determine which four will make it to our new ring games.

The four names with the most votes will win! Please be aware that the FIRST player who suggested the name will be awarded with the chips.

You can vote for multiple options. And yes, you may vote for your own! :wink: :ballot_box_with_check:

  • Midway Fray
  • Cotton Candy
  • Step Right Up
  • Jester’s Court
  • Funhouse Flop
  • Balancing Act
  • Lion’s Den
  • Tight Rope
  • Clown Car
  • Omaha Stakes
  • Grifter Delight
  • Lion Tamer
  • Roustabouts
  • Ring of Sawdust
  • The Screamer
  • Arabian Race
  • Magic Mirror

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Thank you again. We had such a great time running this contest, and will refer to the list for future ideas. Perhaps there will still be a chip payout in your future, even if you aren’t selected this time. :slight_smile:

The most popular names at the time we close the poll on Monday, September 28th will be our winners! :circus_tent:


Voting ends today! We currently have a tie for our fourth name - which are Lion’s Den and Magic Mirror. If you’ve been holding onto your vote, now’s the time to cast it! If we don’t have a winner within a couple of hours from now, Chasetheriver gets to break the tie. :man_judge:

:circus_tent: Step right up and come watch our master of ceremonies announce our winners! :mega:

Congratulations to our creative players! The crowd’s voice has been heard, and YOU came up with their favorite table names! Prizes will be awarded to the first player who suggested the name as is listed in the poll.

Iiiin first place, we have the talented, the prolific, the brilliant … @HoppyCassidy, with the suggestion Step Right Up! :drum:

Not far behind, iiiin second place, it’s the smarty herself … @SharonSmarty, who was the first to suggest the fan favorite Balancing Act! :balance_scale:

And in third, with a respectable 23% of votes, let’s hear it for the clever jester … @verd, who was the one and only to suggest Jester’s Court! :black_joker:

Finally, our fourth and last winner, determined by both the crowd and our ringmaster himself … it’s @jerseyred with the Lion’s Den! :lion:

Thank you all for delighting us with these names, and as thanks, your bankroll is 250k bigger. We hope you join us at our new Omaha tables! See them live in our lobby on October 1st.

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Thanks so much for the votes :hugs:

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It’s; nice to know that my choice was picked as #1, but I feel cheated out of #2 also! If you look back, Hoppy Cassidy suggested “Balancing Acts” BEFORE Sharon Smarty suggested “Balancing Act.” Her suggestion came after TEN (10) other suggestions. How can you say she was the first one to make that suggestion, when all you had to do was remove the “s” on MY suggestion! I thought surely the first two winners were mine, since I was the FIRST to suggest “Balancing Acts.” She could have easily read my post, then just removed the “s.”
I think I deserve at least HALF of 2nd place winnings, but more realistically, I deserve ALL of “Balancing Act” because I was the FIRST one to suggest that concept. How can you say Sharon Smarty was the first to suggest it when her suggestion came TEN other suggestions after mine?
In another contest last December, you gave two players a winning chip reward, even though Sassy Sarah’s entry did NOT result in the 15-letter requirement. (See copy & paste below) MY entry of “Balancing Acts” met the 15-letter requirement, then you removed one letter and said Sharon Smarty was the first. I do believe the words “Balancing Act” is in MY suggestion, is it not? Please explain why you think someone’s suggesting which is EXACTLY like mine, minus one letter is the winner.

Contest where you allowed more than one person to receive winning chips with similar entries:
Because @Sassy_Sarah came up with a similar name first, and @BBlanco formatted it at 15 characters, we’re going to go ahead and give BOTH players the full entry fee for this upcoming tournament. Both of you should notice an additional 500,000 chips in your bank. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sassy Sarah suggested “1/2 a Mil Thrill” and BBlanco changed it to “Half Mil Thrill.” Blanco changed the “1/2 a” and reaped winning chips. They BOTH got 500,000 chips.

Sharon Smarty removed an “s,” and reaped winning chips, and I get NOTHING for MY suggestion? I hope your rewarding Sharon Smarty 2nd place was an OVERSIGHT on your part for not noticing that I already suggested “Balancing Acts” way before Sharon Smarty truncated it.

I look forward to your explanation.
Susan Sweet (Hoppy Cassidy)

I didn’t read your post and I also didn’t post 40 names that I googled , copied and pasted . Also my friends voted for me.

Yes we did, but I have yet to receive my payment as promised!

:joy: it’s in the mail !

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Thank you. I love replay poker.

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We had many fabulous suggestions this time around! While there were some derivatives on the same theme in many cases, our staff selected their favorites of which they thought sounded best. In this case, that’s why Balancing Act was chosen over Acts, and SharonSmarty was the first to suggest the name as-is.

We loved reading through all your suggestions — our whole team was impressed at how many relevant names you alone were able to come up with! Let’s keep these contests as they’re intended — a fun, positive way to get involved in the community. If you (or anyone!) would like any clarification on rewards, we’re always happy to assist at

Congrats again to all of our winners – and the voters they were able to bribe. :wink: