VOTE for your favorite Seven Card Stud names!

:whale: We had a whale of a response to our Seven Card Stud contest! Thanks to everyone who participated. It was so much fun to read all your clever suggestions, and exceedingly difficult to narrow down our favorites. (In fact, we may have still gone a little hog wild if Discourse didn’t limit polls to 20 entrants …) :pig:

It’s now up to all of you to determine which names win! Please vote for your favorites. You may vote for multiple names, and of course, you’re welcome to vote for yourself! :ballot_box_with_check:

The FIRST player who suggested a name as written will be given the 250k prize. For instance, “Monkey Business” was suggested by several people, but @Callman was first.

This poll will be open until Monday, November 30th. The five names with the most votes will be our winners. Any tiebreakers will be chosen by staff.

Now … quit monkeyin’ around and vote! :monkey:

Vote on your favorite name!
  • Badgers Bluff
  • Counting Sheep
  • Crocodile Creek
  • Deer Lodge
  • Donkey Downs
  • Golden Goose
  • Hog Wild!
  • Kangaroo Court
  • Kitty Kat Flats
  • Monkey Business
  • Moscow Mule
  • Night Owl
  • Pocket Penguins
  • Spider Rider
  • Stud Puffin
  • Swan Song
  • The Stallion
  • Turtle Blues
  • Viper Pit
  • Vulture Gulch

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Thank you for voting for your favorite table names! We have our winners:

  1. Counting Sheep - the overwhelming favorite! Thanks to @zona79 for the name. Just don’t fall asleep at the table! :sheep:
  2. Stud Puffin - suggested by @excarrier. I confess this was my personal favorite and I was happy to see that many of you agreed. :wink: I love a good pun.
  3. Viper Pit - first shared by @mootpointe - careful before stepping up to this table. :snake:
  4. Vulture Gulch - suggested by @Mr-Chips - don’t let yourself get picked over!
  5. We had a five-way tie for the fifth table, so staff served as the tiebreaker. Our pick is Kangaroo Court! Thanks to @Miss_Behavin for the clever suggestion.

All of you now have 250k more chips in the bank! Let’s hear it for these creative players. :raised_hands:

Thanks to all who participated! It was very tough to choose favorites this time around. We may have to revisit the thread or come back for help when we release our Stud MTTs. :slight_smile:

We will be renaming these Stud ring tables in the near future. Keep an eye out!

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Thank you…I’m honored you liked my stud name!

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Congrats Zona , awesome name :+1:t2:


Thank you, I was so happy it won. made my day :smiley: and want to thank everyone that voted for me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: