Volunteers for teaching everything from basics to improving techniques

Just wondering if this might be a possibility? Yes I am a new player and just learning the game (yes, really). I believe there are other players here who have also joined to learn how to play, which is hard to do when you are playing with various levels of players. Difficult to learn the right way when you are exposed to so many wrong ways.

It would be nice to have leaders who are willing to volunteer some time working with a group of newcomers and helping them learn the basics. Kinda like a buddy system. No player left behind. Maybe even a certificate upon completion! There are always going to be those who already “know everything there is to know about everything” and won’t need ANY help. As time has show, the cream always rises to to top. Why not create a new group of confident, educated, talented players? I think the odds would be in your favor :wink: Thanks for your time!

there is a free sight called <www.cardplayerpokerschool.com> it is somewhat helpful with video tutorials and blogs give it try it might be what your looking for.

for some reason it didn’t put in the address, here it is again cardplayerspokerschool.com

Thanks dwgawg!

Thanks AspenELM! I really love this idea. It will take quite a bit of planning to get this up and running, but I’ll bring the idea up in our next team meeting and see if I can get the ball rolling. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lesley

You are most awesome! Let me know if you need any help. Thanks, Elaine

i think having tutorial videos on the site would be the best approach. That way everything they need to know about poker would be in one place.

yep. This same idea I made 4 years ago, since ditched and also deleted. Also suggested the tutorial before. I think that would be the best bet.