View previous hand

how do I view previous hand

Hi matman69

When you are playing you click on the button (in upper left of the table) R Replay Previous. A new page in your browser opens and you see the previous hand. If you scroll down a bit you see the hand info too. You can save the hand and when you click on prev. you see the hand before this hand.

In your menu (when you click on your nick name on the right upper of the page) you have the tab “Activity” , there you see and you can replay the ring game hands from the past days.

Also in your menu you have the tab “Hands” there you can see and replay your latest, best, and saved hands and hands with your biggest pots.

Greetings Happiness.

Did I miss something? … in the past we can see al hands… not anymore? just last 10?

That was a long time ago. For now only last 10 hands yes. And the ring game hands you can see back in Activity now.