Very very rigged hands

If games in real casinos were like this, there would be fights or even worse. I have never seen hands as bad as this. Seems like, if you dont spend cash for chips, the odds are very set against you. 45 minutes to see a colour card, let alone match whats on the table…yeah right, nothing random in that! I can usually get to last quarter of a freerole before getting ejected by the usual amazingly preset hand, thus winning nothing and wasting nearly an hour. The only people with hundreds of thousands or millions of chips are the ones who buy them. Only once, momentarily, did i get above 20,000 chips while ranked well under 100,000.

Won numerous tiny paying hands, yet when theres a large pot, i have a 2 or 3 in 100 chance. Not sure that i want to waste anymore of my life battling a computer that sides with those who buy chips.