Very upset member

would not let me join tourny i signed up 4 cost me 15000 chips then kept timeing me out of next 1 cost me 10000 i think replay should reimbursse me those chips

I checked your tournament history and can see you register for these two tournaments yesterday:

Thursday Roller Coaster II Tournament ID: #142137 Buy-in: 15K

Bounty Brawl Tournament ID: #143338 Buy-in: 10K

Happy to reimburse you the buy-ins if you couldn’t play. But first can you explain exactly what happened in both tourneys? It might help us to determine if the problem was with your internet connection or some other issues. Thanks!

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled VERY PISSED OFF MEMBER. this is the third time replay has done this to me i get in a tourny and keep getting sat out when i got winning hands then it will let me play losing 1 then sit me out again now im down to almost nothing if replay does not refund the chips it has cost me i WILL FIND ANOTHER SITE AND TELL ALL MY FRIENDS NOT TO PLAY YOUR SITE it has done this to me on multiple occasions and i want my chips back now

When you have a problem or question and you write it in community support, please come back and read the reply and give answers if needed.

It is not possible solving a problem when ReplayPoker not know what happened. There can be many reasons for your problem.

Please read the reply of Paul and describe what happened. Perhaps then it is possible to solve the problem.

When you want a answer be email, send an email to, write down your problem and give more info about what happened, if possible a hand number also.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled at my breakin point. this is the last time i will complain if chips r not refunded i will not come back 2 this site this time in holdem booster i was doing VERY WELL half way through game started sitting me out would not let me back in i want all the chips back this problem has cost me over time which is close to 100000 by now

****note…player is contacted by message yesterday, he received the message and replied. Full rapport sent to Andrew (support) by email.

Jeffreydad, sorry to hear you’re experiencing this bug we have at the moment when we rebalance players, they sometimes lose connection to the game and only see themselves greyed out and not able to play. If this happens again please close the table and re-open it from either the dashboard or the lobby. Please understand we’re working on fixing this problem urgently, we’re only a small team so please do be patient.

Since you didn’t reply to my previous message with further info, I’ve just gone ahead and refunded you now for those two tournaments you had problems with before. I hope we have the issue fixed before it happens to you again, if it does then follow my instructions above, and let me know if that helps, if it doesn’t do let us know and we can issue you further refunds - sorry about this!