Just venting. Having one of those days.
The following scenario happened twice in a few hours:
I had AA pre-flop.
Opposing player goes all in.
I call.
First time, the opposing player had J9. Rivered a straight.
Second time, the opposing player had something similar, i don’t remember specifics; but again, rivered a straight.
Multiple times, I had A with something 10 or bigger.
In almost all cases, an opponent had an A with a kicker that was exactly 1 card higher than mine.
I’m feeling picked on.
Okay, maybe I’m not venting… I’m whining.
But the whine’s over.
The Big Dog is limping on a sore paw.

I had a day like that this week where every big hand I hit got beat.

I was mad and started thinking Replay is rigged but the next day I did very well and today so far I have done well.

Some days are just like that and when the table is against you go do something else and try it again the next day and it will probably turn around.

Remember your best day on the tables is probably someone else’s worst day that you beat.



My father was a sailor. He taught me that the sea and the wind would do what they do, that was out of our control and it was the job of a sailor to man the tiller and trim the sails according to their whims.

The cards do what they do. Sometimes you’re being pushed against a lee shore by the winds and currents and other times the winds at your back and you’re wing, just coasting along.

Calmly ride out the inevitable bad currents and wind, hold steady so you don’t hit the rocks and take full advantage on when they’re favorable.


Thanks for the inputs. I’m heading to Vegas this weekend and I don’t need my recent funk to follow me there.

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Things like that never happen to me…

set down at 20 dollar table for some fun .1 guy makes it 300 to go then raises 3000 in turn . ?? why dont they go to bigger table? not many chips? check rank 2100 !!!whats up ?

Yeah, I was in Vegas on Saturday. Played a $1-$2 table at Caesar’s Palace as a warm up for one of the daily tournaments.
Guy is at the table with a huge stack; like 10 grand. He must have bought in at a higher table and then carried the chips to the “poor man’s” table.

Not sure what those guys are trying to prove.

Two things, really…

First, he’s showing you that he won’t be intimidated. He’s showing you that the amount of money involved is meaningless to him.

Second, he is making sure he can cover anyone at the table. This is a way to maximize your wins those times you get action on your monster hands.

He might also be overcompensating for the fact that he has a really small, ummmm, “self esteem.”

LOL. Yeah, I suppose. Guy was a pretty weak player, so I’m leaning towards compensation.

Interesting. The room I played at before moving to Las Vegas would not let you do that. You sit down at a table and you could only have the max for that table in front of you.

I haven’t played here yet so I don’t know if it’s the same.

I guess it’s possible the guy had won all those chips in one sitting at a 1-2 table; but it doesn’t seem likely.

POKER 95% LUCK , 3% skill , 2% BS , and ifn u dont believe , me go too VEGAS and watch !!!

well…just quit it…

This happens to me alot, the nature of the game I guess. I to get very frustrated at times and I agree that it seems that there is nothing random about how the cards fall. I look at the game now as a teaching tool and leave it at that, never is a hand won till the dealers last pass…

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had similar games. got beat on the river 3 times in a row. but fared well the next day

Ash sends Bust the staff notice I will never play that tournment again as long as i breath sorry i was treated so bad at the last one now learned my lesson never again

some times it is shady .one player wins 8 out of 10 hands for 20 minutes ???.played whole tourny with no pair???played 40 years with dealers dosent happen

Vegas doesn’t use a computer chip at their table poker games - gl - if you lose- thats on you - here at replay - its a fisherman’s dream.

just why? 7.5k tournament. yet I’m the bad player yeah ok, just like to be able play so bad and be rewarded. I just can’t anymore. if I had done this, I wouldn’t hit runners like this.

I am fed up with the rankings of levels. I am ranked as a low player with very few play chips, yet have a CHAMPION level achievement award. Please let us play without the insults of achievements.