*venting* RiP off 5 days running

been here a long time. its become the worst ive ever seen. 5 days running bad. absurd. just venting. i know theres no solution but dont try and tell me this ■■■■ isnt geared towards new players any longer. ive seen suck out after suck out, stacked pocket aces etc… all on those noobs. next mod that tells me this isnt rigged… boy, if we were in person. btw, Marizipan, dont even bother commenting. no one understands your broken english rhetoric. welcome to the new WSOP app, where poker doesnt exists and all in muck, suck outs play hard… until they dont and another takes their place. RIP RP.

PS: not much in the “bitching about how bad RP has become” as far as topics go.


I have to agree here. I been thinking of deactivating my account because of all the bad beats and suck outs that happen, not only to me, but others that go through this.
yesterday was the worst. 3 fullhouses had couple straights a flush, all lost. was last to act everyone limps in I shove all in with pockets kings everyone folds, but pocket 3’s well of course a 3 right on the flop. this sort of stuff happens to me tournament after tournament day in day out week after week month after month

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Could you provide the replay of each and every hand?

I’m always amazed when people speak in absolute hand value in poker, it doesn’t mean much without context.[quote=“trav790300, post:2, topic:3985”]
was last to act everyone limps in I shove all in everyone folds, but pocket 3’s well of course a 3 right on the flop. this sort of stuff happens to me tournament after tournament day in day out week after week month after month
So it’s an MTT and everyone limps, basically screaming we’re happy fishes and you shoved all in with what purpose? Value? What was your hand? How big was your shove? Were you short stacked, was he deep stacked etc?

I can give you many good reasons to call your shove with 33 depending on the context.

I cant find the hands, but it doesn’t matter you can give all the reasons and excuses all you want as to why 3,3 called but it does not explain as to why no matter what hand I have or hit it gets beat. does not explain why everyone against me can hit the miracle river card,or their miracle one outer, 2 outer’s, or hit runner runners. but its funny how I can never hit runner runners or hit that miracle 1 outer or 2 outer’s, or river card. all I know is its frustrating and I am tired of it. you all say bet more raise more etc… I have tried those things and to no avail. I just don’t know what else to do

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I’m with you. I see it every time I play and, because I haven’t bought any chips often when I try to register for a tournament the ad will come up, blocking my registration for the game, wanting me to “Make a first time purchase”. When I finally am able to get back to the tournament registration it’s full. This is just one of many many problems I have. If it’s a “Free” site why do they want you to “Purchase” chips to play. Also it’s a known fact that new players are favored. I had 2 pair last night, aces up and a newby drew three 3’s, the third on a last card draw, lol and i had the 4th 3 in my hand. Cheating, stacked deck, game manipulation by one of those who are said to be “Monitors”? Take your pick. It is called cheating where I grew up.

If you really feel that way:

Then be consistent and stop.

If not maybe you could try to understand why you get sucked out this much. Have you tried playing ring games (500/1k or 1k/2k)? Maybe you don’t play against players that can find the fold button. I have no clue but if you don’t have fun on a free chips poker site, just stop.

I happen to like very much RP and I play some micro/low stakes online poker as well. I assure you micro play the same as RP, many bad beats/suck outs but that’s normal given you get called by trash. Low stakes is actually very competitive online so there are far less suck outs and magic rivers, still it does happen from time to time.

Maybe you’re used to live poker but it is a different game and adapting from online to live is hard as well.

yeah I have played ring games. that’s another problem on top bad beats and suck outs. I get unplayable hands 2,7 3,8 etc… over and over. last time I played a ring game, I know it was well over a hundred hands and I won two hands. one would had lost if a player had not folded preflop cause they told me after the hand was over. the other one was a small flush. another thing I don’t get is, when I first started playing I did good, now struggle . I am not the only one who has stated this they have done good and all of a sudden struggle and have giving up playing. just search the forum with can’t win and you will see others stating the same thing.
l like the site too. its easy to navigate . can always find games to play. I just wish I can enjoy it like I used too. I played all the time because I was doing good, but now I rarely play because of everything and its a shame. no player should ever have
to feel this way. I just don’t know what to do.

On advice I could give to continue enjoying RP is maybe try other variants. I got bored at 3,5M or so and started playing middle stake Omaha and Omaha H-L. I really had fun learning new variants that are still close to NLHE.
My bankroll didn’t change that much and then I got back to NLHE and enjoyed it much more and I’m now at 5,7M getting a bit bored again :blush:

So I’ll probably play more real money sites because the competition is better there and play Omaha on RP. That way I don’t even care when I get sucked out.

don’t matter what game type it is all the same

you can always leave, or - adjust your thinking and playing - it always levels out eventually.

I have tried playing many ways nothing works

will sed Tony2Times i agree WSOP is much beter than here

Pardon me for side tracking briefly from the main path, ‘venting’.

I saw previously, “free play” poker typed, then please explain why I had been cautioned by RP Administration for helping a player with my chips in the spirit of FUN & FRIENDLY GENEROSITY.

In addition, I was also threatened that my bankroll of over 2 million chips would be confiscated should it happen again, ‘chips dumping’.

I have found RP’s action as shocking and unfairly depressing when my action was only with good intention. I did it because I had believe the Site’s Promotion, ‘free play’ poker???

Well I just leave this out there hopefully someone can put some rightful logic to this, “Hypocritical Contradiction”.

Online and Programming, many variables for GREED where $$$ is presence!!!

And yes will I be cautioned or penalised for my use of freedom of speech on Community Feedback.

To be or not to be, that is the question… Replay Poker is rigged or not , that is the question!!!

You should give up poker and take up another amusement/diversion. Maybe try "Picj-Up-Sticks.:

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‘where and what happened to that friendly player HULKsmashes’ or did RP do the dirty on my m8
the nicest person any1 would ever meet, HULKsmashes from Down Under
why was he ‘player of the month’ back in october 2015, only 4 months into his joining RP
who can achieve such high status amongst players if they did not have the friendly quality to them eh
and he had gained close to 6 million chips in less than a year, so what had happened to him
well i will tell y’all, he was disappointed with RP’s lies and cheats
he had believed all the personal attacks on him was set up by Rp itself
too many time too many players, even ones he had never met before and abuses would just
start all of a sudden, i witnessed many time, what happened to my friend HULKsmashes with other players insult on him
i’l gon to wsop on facbook.

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Thanks for tilling me what happen to Hulksmashes was rong .what i seen hapend to hulk on the tables abuse i completed more than 30 times to Drgnslyr in the end he hade it whith rp and left
after he got told by ( Lib_Trigger) sed (all port a gun to u hed?) hulk whent off at it and rp cautioned
him that was it for my m8 and me we have gon to wsop on facbook and no ideis there

The issue of chip dumping came up some time ago. Chasetheriver put up the following response which explains it pretty well. He is head of Security and Collusion at Replay. Hope it helps…

Play Chips are different from Real Cash, so while they are ‘yours’ they are basically a Score, rather than something you can spend or Cash Out. You don’t see Real Cash players suddenly gift a Friend a few bucks from their Bankroll. I find players don’t dump Chips they bought (Players can send them directly to Friends as soon as they buy them now), they dump them once they have won some unexpectedly or the Friend has suddenly gone short.
If you were to purchase Chips from time to time and found the players you regularly played against were ‘helping each other out’ when they got low, effectively taking you on for free, how would that make you feel? I personally think that wouldn’t be very fair on you, plus the fact you would also begin to wonder whether they were actually up to something while you were all playing together too, right?
I think Play Chips are a way of keeping count, like Levels, Gold or Trophies on other online games. I know you are not often allowed to give away Levels, Experience Points, Gold etc you win / earn on other games. New players have to earn them through play / quests or give themselves a boost by purchasing stuff,

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