Variance--sometimes the force is with you, and sometimes not

Talk about variance. At the end of July I was down to less than 10 millions chips, and on a losing streak, then I hit a purple patch and within 5 or 6 weeks was up to over 55 million chips and inside the “elite” (?!) top 500. Then I had a couple of weeks off, and when I resumed I hit a long, long losing streak and was down to a hair over 40 million chips and down to around 700 in the rankings (as I recall), the I kind of leveled off and got back into the 50’s and got into a pattern of winning or getting into the money pretty regularly at lower stakes, but bombing out in the higher stakes games.

Yesterday I finished 6th in a 1 million chip buy in game, when there was only money for 5 players, but came to grief when my AK ran into a TT that flopped a set.

Tonight I played a tournament of the same value, with slightly less players (28) and only 4 places in the money. The lowest was about 3 million.

Here was the final table, with some pretty tough-looking opponents. Yikes! How could I ever get 5 of these players out with the kind of cards I was getting?

Well, by hook or by crook, I knocked them out one by one, but there was one monster stack that no one wanted to tangle with and I thought we were all playing for second place.

However, eventually this happened, at which point I felt more confident that I could pull this off:

And then this, after which I felt very confident:

And this one, in which I played a bit tricky, and it was all over.

So now after months of suffering at the tables, I was back at a new high.


5 of the 9… I see as threats (including you), only 1 (-BlackWidow-) scares me, and is the biggest threat by far. Congrats on your win, usually 1 person doesn’t take out all 8 other players, so Kudos for doing the dirty work yourself.