Variable ticket payout for 150,000 freeroll tournament

I think there would be more attraction for some players who are playing a lot of the freerolls to have a satellite ticket freeroll that had a variety of tickets as opposed to just more tickets for higher places.
I am thinking of a payout like this:

150,000 satellite freeroll

1st Place 50,000 ticket
2nd Place 25,000 ticket
3rd Place 20,000 ticket
4th Place 20,000 ticket
5th Place 10,000 ticket
6th Place 10,000 ticket
7th Place 5,000 ticket
8th Place 5,000 ticket
9th Place 2,500 ticket
10thPlace 2,500 ticket

I think this would give a newer player an opportunity, if he did well in one of these, to move up and experience playing in a littler higher entry tourney for free as they work on improving their game.


One of the better suggestions methinks !:ok_hand:

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Great idea @SSeville!!!


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like it

when does it start ?

Yes, Please.

Love this idea!

Neat idea. I do have a question, though. The 10K, 20K & 25K tickets do not exist currently. Is the idea to create new tickets for these values OR to reach these values with smaller existing tickets? (e.g. for 20K prize: (1) 15K & (1) 5K… which would be very useful for Regional Leagues.)

I could see a 20K ticket being useful for the Gemstone League at that level, but the 10K & 25K values less so.


Expanding on my thoughts a bit, what if we were to create a new 20K and 7.5K ticket? These values would get players involved in Gemstone Leagues which run regularly. It might even get them interested in the leaderboards for said leagues.

An example of a payout, maybe not as smooth as @SSeville’s, but out a few places more.
Total 150,000

Creating the 10,000 and the 20.000 and the 25,000 tickets is the goal. More variations of ticket denominations and tourneys to use them in.



Especially if they can be combined in any combination that fits.

Maybe just play for “entry points” that could be spent however you want.

Yeah! And maybe they could give them a catchy name like “chips” :wink:

Americans call them French fries.

Anyway, chips can be used for MTTs, SnGs, or ring games, tickets are only for MTTs. So yes, there is a difference.

Maybe make all tickets worth 5k, so you could use 2 to enter a 10k, 3 for a 15k, and so on.

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Might as well change the 2K tournaments to 2.5K, so the tickets can come to some use.

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Thanks, @SSeville, and everyone for a thoughtful suggestion and discussion. We have a lot of ideas we’ve been talking out about improving tickets on the whole. No details at the moment as things are still being worked out, but wanted to let you know that it’s on our radar.


Thank you fizzymint

Like to see it work

for those of us that are not a facebook fan .playing. without a password would be great for us too…

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