Vanish chips

when u win chips vanish to the winner they dont slide over table like they used 2 why? sometimes its happening

I think you refer to the split pot, I think thets on the to-do list.

Hi Ballack. We’re aware of an issue when some times there’s a pot that is split, two players have equally winning hands, then the player who wins doesn’t see the other player also receive winnings, even though he actually does. ie. this is only a problem with the animation. But that doesn’t sound like the same problem as you saw? Can you explain a bit more exactly what happens and when this occurs.

Also has anyone else noticed something strange happening with the animation on the table for split pots?

its not a split pot what i see somtimes on the table is the person who wins the whole pot the chips vanish of taqble u dont see it glide over the table hope this helps