Value of replay chips re: buy-ins

i curious how equate the value of replay’s chips - to the strength of the field
when register for an event

example … on pay poker sites like pokerstars i usual play $1-5 buy-in events. where i have good chance of success… at $10 & higher buy-in, get into very tuff villains for me

so how that equate to replay?

a friend tell me this estimate: 50,000 replay chips equate to $1 (usd)

if this correct… then to equate to my pokerstars events, my replay buy-ins be
50,000 - 250,000

your thoughts on this please?

The way I see it, if you can buy 3.5 million chips for $100, then 35,000 chips = $1.

Things are generally worth what someone is willing to pay for them.


Except when they are “ On Sale “ :smiley:

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I would say the Medium Stakes Tournaments are closer to the Poker Stars $1-$5 events. Popular Tournaments with respect to field size and alot of good players in the field. The High Stakes 100k+ tournaments tend to be smaller fields with a higher concentration of really strong players. Some of the Private leagues are wall to wall strong players such as the Golden Donkeys where you have to have a high enough rank just to get invited to join. Just remember this isn’t a real money site and yes some people play for…gasp …fun and might play differently than in real money events.


So to answer the question for the OP what do you think the value of a chip is on Replay Poker ??

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The question was :“i curious how equate the value of replay’s chips - to the strength of the field
when register for an event,” not how much are the chips worth.

That is the question i tried to answer.

All my chips were free so they arent worth anything lol

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The 1 million tournies feel similar to a $10 turbo. The 500k and 250k are $3 turbos. Lower don’t even compare to any real money stakes I’ve played.

Most ring tables on Replay are basically drunken home games. Somewhere in the high stakes it becomes like a weekend 1/3 live game. Having a mix of tourists and maniacs with nits waiting for strong hands to trap them. Maybe the occasional talented player rebuilding their bankroll. The ring game play here is so distinct it doesn’t compare to online real money until you get to 250k/500k where it feels like a 25NL table.

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