Value in Disguising Strength and How to Do It

Here’s one for the younger inexperienced players trying to earn their stripes. You’ll see first we disguise the strength of the hand by betting out small after the flop. The young ones will check here thinking that is best, In fact the check to disguise is a bit outdated so the nee move is to bet out to disguise. Once the opponent calls that the experienced player knows he hit part of that flop and now you can flip the switch! The check after the turn is designed to make the initial post flop bet look like an attempt at a steal and the move works like textbook getting opponent to bet out his piece. Now, you’re at high level. Now you pull the switch and check raise that bet to make it look like you’re trying to steal it. The two pair pays off as disguised strength seals the deal. Just a quick one here to show the value of playing the next level of strategy. Hope this helps!