Utility to summarize the bank data

I have developed a small utility to summarize the Replay bank data, which will give a report something as follows:

       Replay Bank Stat Nov 1, 2018 : May 13, 2019 (0y 6m 13d)

Chips bought                                          1          250,000
Daily bonus                                         187          439,000
Bank loan                                             0                0
Others                                                2           55,000
Total                                                            744,000

Ring game entry                                      16          131,306
Ring game exit                                       16          155,713
Ring game earning                                                 24,407

Tournament buyin                                    408        2,216,245
Tournament payout - MTT                              92        2,146,121
Tournament payout - SnG                               3            8,640
Tournament earning                               23.28%          -61,484

Net balance                                                      706,923
Net balance excluding daily bonus and bank loan                  267,923        

Net gain (Balance above - Chips bought)                           17,923

To execute this utility, download the two files, rpbstat.exe and rpbgroup.txt into a directory. Go to the bank page of Replay, get as much data as you want/can. Hit Ctrl-a to select all the data in the screen. Hit Ctrl-c to copy to the clip board. Open a notepad, hit Ctrl-v to paste it on the notepad. Save it as rpbdata.txt in the same directory where other two files are downloaded. Open a DOS window and go to the directory. Type(execute) rpbstat to get the report.

rpbgroup.txt file is the mapping between the line items in the report and bank data lines. If some data lines are not mapped in case, they will be reported as “Ungrouped items included in Others”. Add an entry or more to rpbgroup.txt to map the unmapped data lines to line items with appropriate key words.

Oops! After writing the post, and while trying to upload the files, I found that I can’t upload .exe files. Can someone tell me a way to share an executable.

rpbgroup.txt (1.4 KB)


You can probably upload them to your Dropbox account, then post the link to them here.

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Thanks for the suggestion. In similar lines, since I don’t have Dropbox account, I managed to make a link in Google drive.

Further use:

(1) Up to ten files can be processed if the bank data are saved in different files, by giving:

rpbstat -f file1 file2 file3 etc

.txt is the default extension, files without extensions can’t be given.

(2) Can give start and end date, as:

rpbstat -sdt yyyymmdd -edt yyyymmdd

both are optional, defaults to beginning and end respectively.

(3) rpbstat ? will give the options.

(4) Chip values can be maximum of 999,999,999,999.

(5) Can make new groups, will be reported separately under “Unreported groups”.

(6) Maximum groups are 31, and maximum mapping entries are 127.

(7) Ticket data can be given the same way as the chip data. Either they can be clubbed with chip data, or given as separate file along with chip data file.

(8) rpbgroup.txt uses two special signs ‘&’(and) and ‘!’(not). If the key words are apart ‘&’ sign can be used to join them. ‘!’ is to exclude key word from a selection (all, but). Only one sign can be used per key word.

(9) All key words are case sensitive and may include spaces.

(10) Group names are preset names, may not be changed. If changed they will be reported as separate groups. Group names may not have spaces.

(11) If you are using entire bank data, there will be a difference of 2,500 chips between the reported figure and Replay figure. This is due to the sign in bonus of 2,500 chips, which doesn’t figure in Bank data.

There is a big bug in the earlier released program. It affects all those who are taking report from the old saved files.

Replay bank data does not put the year in date field if its the current year. Program (rpbstat) modifies all such data filling in with current year. It works OK for newly downloaded data. For old data, instead of filling in with respective years it will always fill with current year, now 2019.

Its not difficult to revert though. Edit the file and change all 2019 with appropriate year.

I have taken down that version, and uploaded a new one. This does not alter any file and does not fill in any year information. It assumes current year if the year is not present.

To fill in the proper year I have written another utility RPBYFIX which will fill in with the given year.

Usage: rpbyfix <old file> <new file> <yyyy>

This will create a new file with given <yyyy> filled. This new file needs to be used while summarizing with rpbstat.

New set of files:

Download instruction:
Click on the links, click download, the files will be downloaded to your downlaods directory. When the .exe files are downloaded, there will be a warning message, in Chrome its like: rpbstat.exe is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous. If you are comfortable ignore the message, click the up arrow next to discard, and click keep.

Go to downloads directory and move the three files to another directory or you may work in the downloads directory (in Chrome its c:\users\downloads). Instructions are as given above.

Any problem or bug in the program, please post it here.

There is a bug in the earlier rpbyfix. It assumes the first line always will be without year if such is the case. This may not be true, like if someone periodically saves the data in one file. The new fix will fill the year with the given year anywhere in the file. If two different years need to be filled in one file, then the file has to be split into two files, one for each year.

Fix 1.