Using Poker for Motivation


Psychologists tell us that a great way to establish a new habit is to couple something we want to do with something we ought to do. I’ve been “earning” my poker games by getting an hour of exercise before I allow myself to play. (Believe me, this is a new habit I really needed to form, and a game of poker is totally motivating for me.)

What can poker motivate you to do? (Serious or silly responses both accepted.)


Save the world apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

also finder of a lost puppy who pretended to be actor and who is a mediocre at best poker playing romantic goose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Before playing I like to make sure I’ve taken care of everything that I have to. For example make sure the house is clean, dishes are done, If I’m doing laundry the laundry is done and put away etc.

This way when I am playing I can focus on the game and not think about things I have to do after I’m finished playing. For me poker is a good motivation to get things done around the house and not procrastinate.



Too funny Marc - the very last thing I want to do when I have my Marvel Secret Agent of Shield - Spiderwoman. :stuck_out_tongue: But hey - you can come do mine. :smiley:

A lot of pro poker players talk about the importance of exercise & being fit. :muscle: Kristen Bicknell even mentioned that exercise and being fit makes her play better and feel better about playing. Seems like double motivation, with double benefits. :money_mouth_face:

For me I’ve been studying meditation, processing emotions & feelings. Poker is a whirlpool of emotions for most amateur players. Learning to accept results & outcomes and always process things analytically = learning & improvement and better poke overall.

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Great Tips!!! A distracted & guilt ridden poker player won’t be able to play their best.



Old Chinese saying; If you choose to do nothing, nothing is left undone.


and then and then…you do something and end up a wanted target. :slight_smile: