Using 15k tourney ticket

I won a 15k tourney ticket for the first time :smile:

Can i use it for an amount less than 15k? Say 3 x 5k touneys.? Or only good for a 15 tourney?
Anything else I need to know? LOL you know about these tourneys :wink:

Thanks for the info.

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They expire after 90 days. As to what they’re used for check out our help article here:

Thank you for the info.

Keep trying to win a freeroll again :smile:

Seriously they expire after 90 days ? I had the same question and asked one of the moderators here and he told me it has no expiry date … so i did not use them and they are probably expired by now ?!?

wait i copy past my message history with him :

Thank you for reaching out, Congratulations on your wins, There is no expiration date, feel free to use them at your convenience. Good luck at the tables and please contact me with further questions or concerns.


I checked your account Polarface, and you’ll be glad to hear that none of your tickets have expired. We automatically use your oldest tickets when you register for a ticket entry tournament. So, in fact, the ones you have remaining won’t expire until middle of December. You can check your expiry on the left hand side of the Bank page here:

As for the moderator in question that told you the wrong info. I’ve dropped them a quick message to explain how they work. Don’t forget moderators are really just players that volunteer to help keep the site safe and fun to play on, so if you want to be sure of a correct answer to a question about the site, please message any of the staff - easiest way is to email or use the help widget at the top of the page on Replay Poker (has a little ‘?’ icon).

Thank you very much for the clarification :slight_smile: