User names

I noticed there is some user names that actually sounds offensive but carefully placed letters like user named 10dick1498 an some others may seem like a birthday,but also could mean something else

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it could also be a sexual thing,like one guy did before (asscrack)til his name changed

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Do you find this user name Psylvr funny also ?

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After 2.5 billion views, it’s also reasonable to assume they might like PSY:

Or they’re into psychadelic trance music: often called psy. Or the anime character from Heroman.

It’s very rarely as clear cut as perceived, unfortunately, so a name alone isn’t necessarily the only thing to base being offended on. Obviously it’s a little easier if it’s profane. =) Basically, it’s as clear as mud and everyone can find a way to be offended if they want.

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cmon, i know very well what it is short for

How about this username…does anyone find it offensive?

Reports to replay have resulted in nada. So apparently they don’t.

Staff edit: Removed inflammatory content/trigger warning appropriate material. Accounts have been dealt with.

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This is not acceptable; this idiot must be stopped and the nickname cannot appear. It is horrifying…

I and several other players reported it. I reported inappropriate username, and chat. In both cases the moderator came back and said the situation had been resolved. Yet there he was still sitting at the table and spewing forth such chat. The chat I posted was just the tip of the iceberg. He stated he was supporting his heritage and maybe they didn’t gas enough [jews]. When one player said he was from the Bronx and found this offensive he replied ‘jew pork’. He attacked blacks, women etc. It was horrible. I left two table on account of him. I am outraged that Replay condones such things.

Those accounts, as well as some others that didn’t get the chance of offend, have been banned outright. There is no room for hate on Replay Poker. We have little patience for people who just want to hurt the community and offend other players.

As crazy as the world is right now, this is the time to be understanding, patient, caring, and positive.


this is an adult site people lol there are so many other things in this world that are more offensi As long as its not racial or ethnic I could care less or religious hating

NOW that’s OFFENSIVE and I’m not Jewish

Idiot a people with primitive braind… others are creative… i dont see anything bad on their nick names, they are an intellectual people same as IQ80 wich was a FaQ and now SirQ, or I_never_luze… he looks strange and stuped, but later you will see that he is an very smart one…

I am wondering if my name 2THENUTZ is offensive to anyone? It is not my intention if it is.

well my nick name is indianjoe and i am native american

I am the royal rooter it is a Boston thing If you don’t under stand its OK Drop kick Muuphhs Tessie w[ll explain it. Royal rooter comes from(look it up ! ) A Bostan fan is always a Baston fan (notice the change) still the same. win lose or what ever we go with it . Sad part is the people that wis they were us!