User defined tables

I think the site should consider introducing user defined tables.

Have only one lobby and offer only the most typically played table types as default (you don’t need more than a dozen - limited to stakes 2/4, 15/30, 500/1000, 15000/30000) and let the users create their own tables if the default tables don’t fit their needs.

They could select all aspects of their tables independently of each other (stake, fixed limit/pot limit/no limit, holdem/omaha, fast/slow, 9 players/6 players etc.). If no play is taking place at a user defined table for a certain period simply remove the table from the list.

This would provide more liquidity for typical tables (since only a few will take the effort to create an own table) and at the same time create more flexibility for users who have special needs and are willing to take the effort.

Like the idea, we’re already planning to go with the one lobby format on the new replaypoker website, we could certainly offer more default tables - we always welcome suggestions as to what different stakes, game types, formats to add to our list. Of course if players can add their own then we might discover some surprising favorites too!