Use of Promotions Page while online

Seems there a lot of updating on Dashboard-Tourney pages etc. so I keep on promotions page while playing a game or away etc. Would that help Replay at all by the majority doing similar? Just wondering.

I’ve been “parking” on the statistics page, but if there’s a better place, could go there instead.

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I usually leave it on the tourney page, but I’ve also used the promotions page, a league page, a leaderboard or a profile page. I have the most trouble with lag when I am on the SNG page though it also happens when I am on the ring page (not as often).

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I try and “park” my main browser window, on ANY non-updating page, to cut down on over all Laggy-ness. It know many ppl after reading posts by me and others, have used this strategy, it works/helps.

The reason here is :
When a page self updates, it then uses bandwidth and processor cycles to do that self update. Having multiple browser windows, both compete’n for both of those, will exponentially increase Laggy-ness.

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Achievements page for me. think i have them all but a couple, maybe.