US Daylight Saving Time - Sunday, March 13

It’s time for longer days, but first that means those of us in the U.S. are going to need to jump forward an hour for Daylight Saving Time on Sunday the 13th.

Since our poker room follows U.S. EST/EDT, we’ll be skipping ahead as well early Sunday morning and some tournaments will be affected. Games that begin at 2 am will still run normally, but the following tournaments will be skipped:

2:15 am Bankroll Builder
2:30 am Good Fortune
2:45 am Satellite to 7.5K
2:45 am 7 Card Stud
2:45 am 100K Community Freeroll

All other tournaments will run as normal. Just keep in mind that if you’re in another part of the world, your tournament may not be at the time you’re used to!