URGENT - Chrome Settings Change

If you use Google Chrome as your primary browser, please read the following important update.

The next update of Google Chrome (76) releases on July 30th. This version will turn off Adobe Flash Player by default, forcing you to manually adjust your settings to allow it.

Our tech team has developed an extension that will automatically adjust these settings for you so that you can easily open a table without interruption. We highly recommend that you add this extension if you continue to use Google Chrome, as you will not have to readjust any settings or allow Flash every time you open your window.

The link to this extension is right here, and we have a Help Center article that explains how to add it to your browser. Here’s a quick video tutorial:

If you would prefer not to download the extension, we have instructions on how to manually change these settings yourself here.

If you have any questions related to downloading the extension or changing your settings, please let us know.


Thanks for the heads up! Just downloaded the extension!


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Done , thank you !

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Added… Thanks :wink:

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Thanks done

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Any issues with Microsoft Edge dropping Adobe Flash? I’ve been running Edge for several months now and haven’t noticed any downside from Google Chrome.


Haven’t heard of any issues with Edge (which I believe is actually running on Chromium now?), and Firefox should be working as normal as well. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to communicate!

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:sunglasses: thanks!

Done. Thanks.

Downloaded and it works. This ‘feature’ in Chrome has annoyed me for a good while. Now it is done!

I tried numerous times and it didn’t work for me. I have edge as my browser.
Everytime I try it tells me to download Chrome but it is already downloaded ???

I can access tables but have to click on to enable adobe flash and then another popup says allow adobe once………sigh

Don’t log in from Edge… Open Chrome and log in with that. the add on is for Chrome and not Edge.

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Just a reminder to everyone that the new version of Chrome is due out today, so the rollout of the upgrade I imagine will start today and probably happen over the next 48 hours (depending on geographics). If you installed the chrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/replay-poker-flash-suppor/fpcgjpjkgjphjiehdfkolmaldbnefgjg), you’ll have a smooth transition. Please do leave a review as well (hopefully a good one!), as I think we need a certain number before it shows the rating, and a good rating will obviously give players reassurance about installing it. Thanks everyone!


I use Chrome and added the extension a few days ago , works great I no longer need to click on anything to allow flash player it goes right to game . Thanks !

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I installed the extension last week. No problems works great. Thanks Replay

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Can this Replay extension be downloaded and work on my iPhone 5s. Please someone answer. If you want. Wanna play Replay. StantheMan6

No, you won’t be able to use this extension on an iPhone, as it just easily sets a Flash setting for you, and Flash doesn’t run on iOS. You’ll be able to play on mobile devices after our tables have converted to HTML5, though we’ll need to do some optimization for them (i.e. phone screens will be quite small for a table, though it should look how you expect on a tablet).


And–by the way–welcome to the Forums as a first-time poster, StantheMan6!