Upset with Bust the Staff! tournament!

Today, I have had one of the worse experiences on this site.
I have never done a tournament on this poker site before in my life.
I received a message the other day which said if I wanted to join the Bust the Staff! tournament.
I read the message and decided to give it a shot.
I was very excited since I had never done a tournament here before.
The turn out for this tournament was in the high 350-400 range if I am not mistake.
Almost 400 people joined this tournament.

I believe that is were the horror of my story begins.
I managed to stay for about 5 min maybe less.
During this time I experienced severe lag, table frame issues, duplication of cards on flop, and half the players on the table looked all grey to me.

When I tried to play my hand, my hand was timed out.
When I did manage to try and so something like make a bet the bet function changed automatically to the all-in button.
I ended up losing all my chips and getting kicked out in the 5 min’s of the tournament.

At first I thought the problem was with my connection or my PC.
I figure maybe the reason I am having these problems is because my PC is not compatible or something.

Well I put this theory of mine to the test.
After being kicked out I joined another tournament.
The name of the other tournament was the Bank Roll Builder.
It had a turn out of 80 people.
I believe it or not won that tournament.
I finished in 1st place.

During this tournament I experienced no lag, no table frame issues, absolutely nothing was wrong.
I will admit I am not a PC tech kind of a guy.
The only difference I noticed was one had 400+ people and other had 80.
Perhaps your server can not handle 400 people playing on it at 1 time.
At which point it caused players to have all the issues I said above.

Nevertheless, I have been involved in 2 tournaments on this site.
With 2 tournaments under my belt I can safely say your Bust the Staff! tournament had serious issues.

An from a logical point of view:
Don’t you find it strange how I can win 1 tournament in first place than get kicked out in the Bust the Staff! tournament in rank 400 or something crazy.
I mean honestly their was an issue.
If I am the only one than that’s fine. OK fair enough.
However, I have a feeling I am not the only one who had these problems.

Lastly, I would like to say I don’t care or need compensation for this.
I am informing you this so you are aware that I don’t care about my lost 1k chips in this tournament.
I won the Bank Roll Builder tournament were upon i won 26k+ chips.
Which can give my losses 25 times.
The point of my post is not about the chips.
I will even go as far as to say I am not even upset I lost!
When you play poker you will eventually lose its the nature of the beast.
I am upset on how I lost and how I was robbed from having my experience in this tournament.

This is not a negotiation.
You need to have these issues fixed before December of the next Bust the Staff! tournament.
I am giving you that time frame to have these issues fixed.
If December comes and I experienced the same issues like I did in your November Bust the Staff! tournament you will never see me register to another Bust the Staff tournament again.

An you will miss me if I don’t register any more.
I have an awesome pumpkin avatar.
You will be so sad.
I can not play and function under these conditions.
People changing colors to grey and not grey, Getting timed out of all my hands, Having the community cards go zipping by me so fast it makes the screen look like there are double cards showing.
The table frames flickering like its having problems connecting people.
I am so displeased.
An you can’t even say the problem was on me because I went to the other tournament and on 1st place out of 80 people.
No problems at all.
Its obviously the Bust the Staff! tournament had problems.
Now I have to wait a whole month to have my chance because of these issues.
Its so sad.

Hi J,

We’re definitely very sorry to hear you had trouble with the tournament. While there’s some database maintenance going on right now, we’re not aware of anything that might be causing trouble with Bust the Staff – as you noted, we had about 400 people playing, many of which completed the tournament… including those that beat the crap out of the staff members for their chips.

The grey names usually indicate, especially at the beginning of a tournament, that folks are still connecting to the table. Late registration will allow them to join up a little later, too, but anyone that is idle should be removed before too long.

We’d recommend checking out these steps:

Most connection problems can be resolved by updating or clearing Flash, but you’ll note that we have some steps at the bottom of that page if nothing else works. Feel free to drop us a line with that data at and we can take another look.