Upcoming Maintenance - Replay Pubsub Migration

Hi everyone,

Our issues with Google’s pubsub have become more pervasive again, and we’ve been working on building our own solution. I’m excited to announce that our tech team has nearly completed work on this, and we will be migrating in hopes that these dips in performance will be resolved.

We will confirm a time for this once our team has completed the build. It may be short notice, but we’d like to roll this out to everyone as soon as possible. It will require a bit of downtime, and MTTs and SnGs will be canceled ahead of this.

Thank you so much for your patience. We hope this will give you a much smoother poker experience once we’re finished. :slight_smile:


Hi everybody.

We are about to begin the maintenance process that Ash mentioned above. In about 5 hours from now, (09:30 ET), Replay will be offline for a maintenance update. I am told it should be about 1 hour only.
MTTs in the run up to 09:30 will be removed from the Lobby because they will not have the chance to finish.


  • The last mtt to take registration will be Waking Dreams at 07:00 ET.
  • The site will be closed for maintenance from 09:30 ET
  • We should be able to have Big Bang and the Community Freerolls at 10:45 ET.

Once again, Thank you for your patience.



Hi, Update !!!

We have decided to suspend the Maintenance after all. I am returning MTT to the Lobby.

Apologies for the false alarm, but watch this space for more news.



Hey all,

I’m excited to share that we are ready to make this migration. :slight_smile:

Replay Poker will undergo maintenance at 9:30am EST on December 6th. This will cause the site to be unavailable for approximately one hour.

The last MTT open for registration will be Waking Dreams at 7am EST. We expect that Big Bang and the Community Freeroll will be available from 10:45am.

We will update this thread once all is complete. Thanks for bearing with us!


The migration is complete, and games are up and running again.

We’re seeing faster, more responsive tables already, but the team is keeping a close eye to make sure all stays smooth.

Thank you so much for your patience while we got this built and moved over!

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Our tech team is currently resolving an issue with the new server and will have an update shortly.

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The team is continuing to investigate the cause of the technical problem. If we aren’t able to get this fixed within the next 15 minutes, we’ll revert, so tables will be available again until a solution is found.

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We will be reverting this change in order to get you all back to the tables. The team is going to continue working on a fix, and we’ll shift back over once we are confident that the issue is resolved. We’re very sorry for the disruption, and will announce an update when we’re ready to make the move.

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We are back on Google, and tables should be running again momentarily. I will announce a new time for the migration once I get confirmation from the tech team.

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