Up and Down

Yesterday: Absolutely infuriating day. I got dealt mostly rag hands, when I got anything I could play, it didn’t connect with the board at all, when it connected with the board, someone else had a better hand, when I do have a winning hand, my opponents all fold out of the way to the smallest bet, limiting what I take when I do win, which is about one hand per hour, or I connect modestly, say top pair, bet it, and some lunatic raises all-in like they have top set or AA, and I don’t feel confident enough to call. I lost about 700k-800k, or so, on the day, falling below 25M again, and then had a couple of nice hands in ring play for huge pots late in the day to partially recoup.

Today: I can seemingly do no wrong. Getting playable cards frequently, and more often than not, they hit the board more often than not, they win a showdown most of the time, draws are filling, even my hero calls are working. I lost two SNGs that I played, but on the day I’m up +559k, back up to 25.5M in the bankroll, getting closer to returning to 26M.

I’m especially fond of games where my starting hands are aces and face cards, and the board never hits anything above 8. It’s ‘raise’, ‘check’, ‘fold’, on a loop. there’s a pair now and then, but the board has gone 4 to a suit.

Throwing away more chips today.

Been there done this… I go through periods where it seems like I can do no wrong, to times where i can do no right. (mostly no right) It is amazing how many quality hands can loose to a better hand in a single evening.

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I played a 9-seat SNG today and won it, for the first time I’ve won a 9-seater in a while. I’ve been in the money a few times over the last few weeks, but the wins have been getting pretty elusive.

I’ve been having a lot of nights lately where I’ll play for several hours, winning about one hand per hour for a big pot, and then losing it all back over the balance of the hour to more or less break even. I’ll have strong flops get Turned or Rivered, right after I shove and someone with a draw and no made hand calls and hits, almost always the very next card dealt, or the last one, or that I had just let them see for too cheap. Players not respecting pot odds and making terrible calls that come up good for them again and again, the “variance” that never seems to vary my way, because I don’t make enough of the bad calls that would win me those big pots, and, well, if I did, I’d just lose those too. You know how it is.

Then I came from behind to win this game. I was doing OK for much of the game, but just wasn’t having much luck with finding a hand I could break things open with. But I was hanging on, winning enough chips to stay alive, and in 2nd or 3rd place for most of the early going. I’d won a 1000 chip pot to start the game, which put me up and I didn’t really climb above 4500 chips until after the bubble, at least not for very long. I’d win enough small pots frequently enough to keep me right around there, not running into any disasters, but also not taking any more big windfall pots, and then bleed it away.

But a point came where I hadn’t taken any chips in a while, and I had worn my stack down to around 2200, I’m the 2nd stack out of 4 remaining, and I get dealt pocket 77, and shove it preflop, hoping to just steal, but I get called, by the one-time big-stack who at one point had a dominant stack, but kept doubling up the small stacks until one of us took most of their chips away, who goes all-in to see my bet. They end up missing with A6o, and I take the hand, and knock them out, collapsing the bubble in the process.

A little bit later, I get KQ, and raise, flop Kings on a pretty disconnected board, and opt to check-jam with it, for a big play for an 8000 chip pot.

That set me up to double up through the leader with AKs over A9o, taking the lead with a pair of Kings as we both flop our bottom card and take away the big stack.

After that, I became somewhat hot, and took some more big pots, the stack-pot ratio making every hand big by that point, I hit a 2-6 straight with 53, a Big Blind Special hand that filled for me on the Turn. I KO’d the 3rd finisher with K9 flopping K66, after checking the flop, they Turned a pair of 44s, and tried jamming me when I bet into it. I made a hero call, hoping they weren’t sleeping on a 6, and busted them. Then finished off the #2 finisher who was desperately short-stacked and couldn’t hold out, they cracked my pocket 33s on the first hand of heads-up play with A4 making a pair of 44s, but then I got AK on the next hand and sucked out a river King to overcome their flopped deuces on an otherwise 7-high board.