Unwanted friends

Some players are having problems with unwanted people friending and/or emailing them. How does a member resolve this problem?

Right now, the friends system works more like a follow system. So anyone can follow anyone else. We plan to replace this in the future with a friend system that requires the player being friended to accept the friendship. That will fix the issue.

As for players getting messages sent to them that they don’t wish to receive. Anyone on the site can message anyone else. If a player receives an offensive message then the should report it to a moderator. In future we’ll add a quick report link to flag an offensive message.

Steven Zeigler is very upset. He asked me to look DevilsEyes up. I did but am unsure how to approach him about the problem.

Thank you I will notify Mr Ziegler

I just dont think its right to allow ppl to randomly add other players to their friend list.I dont add others like that

i sent him another email just to let him stop addin

or sendin email to me

I am sorry you are having this problem. Please read Paul Gould’s reply above.