Unstable tables

Anyone else experiencing strange behaviour on the new HTML5 tables? Frankly for me they are virtually unplayable.


Not virtually.
They are unstable. I cannot for the life of me understand how one would roll out these tables. They are not betas. They are unstable alphas with a lot of work, both dev and graph, to be put in. I for one am tired of being booted out for no reason.

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Replay Poker is not as much fun as it used to be, To many problems, game to slow with new clock.have had six cards come out at the same time, river card twice. Have been kicked off and sitting out when I haven’t done anything. Been kicked off in the middle of a hand. I do not like new system and after 4 years I am looking for a new site.

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I hear that, I you find a good one let me know, I’ve been here isn’t 17 and my first few games were normal. I was able to bank some chips, but it’s been 21/2 years I’ve had not one winning day. I won a few hands but nothing I was doing before these cards got bad and have never came back. I posted here a long time ago about not getting cards and been getting beat by unreal hands, People staying in with nothing and then hitting. same ones fold when you do get a hand it seems like either Bots are playing of RP has me on tilt forever.
I certainly like playing here but its gotten to the point to where it’s frustrating. I’t crazy, because the cards on the table the Prior hand always end up in my hand the next hand delt, then I’ll hit a Flush only to be beat by a Fullboat on River, i’ll hit Straight only lose to a flush, 2 pair some gets trips, it’s always one higher hand to kill mine. every single time. I could go to a table and lose almost every single hand unless it’s a pot with Peanuts.
Anyways just hating to throw this site under the bus because I know it’s suppose to be for fun, but it kind of starting for feel personal now.

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