Unreal once again it happens to me

dont understand once again playing low stakes rats table i sat in the free roll at 00:10 uk time i clicked on tournament info and next thing i knew it came up on the rats table and i had to close and reopen and rejoin rats table i reported this back a couple of weeks ago and now its happened again i lost my seat but not sure if i lost my chips

Hmm, this is a tricky one. I tried doing what you did, and it worked fine, no problems. Can you try and make it happen again, retrace the steps. Once you can make it happen regularly then we can figure out a solution, but until then it’s almost impossible for us to help without a lot of effort. Sorry!

all i did was play at rats table low i opened the free roll tour and joined,then i clicked on the tour info button 2 see payouts then it closed the rats table and came over the top as the tour list i dont know how and why thats all i did

Try doing it again now, on a different ring game and tournament. Does the same thing happen?

its only ever happend twice i dont know how it did so i cant help u anymore at this stage but if it happens i will tell u how and when

Please do Ballack. Make a note of exactly what you did and the sequence you did it in. I’m sure we’ll figure it out… eventually!

ok will try 2 :slight_smile: