Unlimited late register

More and more people are using the option, or more opportunity, delayed entry into the tournament. Why do not enabled unlimited number of entree in a given time?

With the worship


Yes, that would be so much better.

Unfortunately the late register program is set up this way, it is not possible to open new tables during late registration, it works with reserved seats.

It is in the planning to change it.

Greetings Happiness.

Ah! We are limited with tables.

Thanks Hap , good answer :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: cant open room for one person, would be sitting there alone untill the next spin. Before you make bigger joke about it. :slight_smile:

When new player register, make the reallocation from other tables to new table ! Big deal, phew …

Give me a smarter one :stuck_out_tongue:

Thet rooms ( more then one ) need to be relocated, make several people upsett… Its not a game when you can change things to be good for all… every decision and change have to predict… what is not succesfull allways. Reverse back, or/and change it again, usually make people upsett. Every change bring bug most likely. Besides, this thing is done, have a test period. I think what you suggest would work better when the site bigger. thets a maybe. Maybe if more user want this. Maybe if the to-do list shorter. Maybe when the site have more resources. Maybe if you give up the flower idea. :slight_smile: Maybe Paul will read this and he like the idea.

Please don’t mention the flowers … it hurts.

Happiness is right, we’re planning to change the way we handle late registration by creating new tables instead of reserving seats at existing tables - that will enable us to offer more seats for late registration. It’s in the works… :slight_smile: