unfreindly players

Why is there so many unfreindly players on a free site that does not make sense to me it is free

good ppl vs bad ppl ?

@DWarren .
Many people play on their phones and chat is not available on their device


People here just don’t like to chat. I have played here for 8 or 9 years and it has always been like this. We can’t put all the blame on PHONES …when it has been this way before this optiom was available. Maybe they are shy? maybe they have problem chating and playing at the same time? A simple ty or nh isn’t hard to do though.Maybe a few emotes would break the ice !

explain further in what sense?

Be kind and care not to whom.

It’s the idea that kindness is like a ripple in a pond—it spreads outward, touching everyone it reaches. Whether we know the recipient or not, kindness has a positive impact.

Unfortunately, negativity ripples through a room just as easily.

That’s why they say to surround yourself with kind and loving people, it’s the secret to


When you encounter negativity, it’s usually them and their issues, even if they point the finger

at you.

Which finger you see, lol, depends on their negative life experiences.

Frustrations boil over like a tea kettle.

You can hear them coming a mile away!

Patience is something that applies here also.

In my 59 years, I’ve seen how patience can let one vent enough where eventually

they get it out of their system and a sense of normalcy returns.

Being kind will require patience!

Being kind to everyone breaks that negativity ripple just enough to give positivity

one more chance.

Joining a league here on Replay greatly reduces the chance of encountering negativity.

It still occurs on rare occasions, even though everyone joins to avoid all that negativity.

You’d think poker players would be good at situational awareness, but they forget sometimes.

Imagine Replay leagues as breakers on a lake.

Join one today!


not everyone likes tourny play

I am happy to chat when I’m in front of my keyboard but often I’m not and only using the mouse, this could come across as unfriendly when really it’s just a hassle to go to the keyboard to type, I also often use the on screen keyboard, I find it easier just to give a little smile )

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I like to talk on the tables ,when I am seated I say gl to the table .I say nh and I say gg when someone loses. I think a lot of people just have the chat muted because they feel it is a distraction . I am in several leagues and that is where most of the chatting happens , you play with the same people every week , friendships are formed . For people who like to chat I suggest joining a league , they are fun and competitive .


I do agree with Sharon, and although I do not belong to a league myself I know how easy it is to make friends when you join a league. I also recommend playing the Replay leagues like the Oceanic games. If you play them regularly you soon find yourself chatting to the players you see most days and that is great, you can then respect the ones who choose to play silently, after all choice is what life is all about.
In order to meet friendly people, you have to show friendliness yourself, you will be surprised how many people like to chat to you if you reach out first!
What Swampy says is also true, as if I am playing on my ipad or my iphone instead of my computer, it is very difficult to chat so that is often the reason why players do not respond.


wouldn’t it be nice if folks who played on phones wouls put that on their bio :slight_smile:

on my tablet i can chat too

My question is why there are so many players named “guest” with numbers after that name? Is this a group of people?

If you play here with the mobile app (android for sure I don’t know about i-phone) you can play without creating an account as a guest. Guest accounts are tied to the device and cannot be recovered if the app is uninstalled (or if the app data is cleared). That is who the majority of those players are, You can convert a guest account to a “real” account and there are probably a few folks who just kept their guest username and also probably a few who signed up for a regular account and chose “guest_####” as a username for whatever reason.
Cheers! :smiley:

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Hi @DWarren,

Some players don’t participate in chat, and the most common reasons are: they play on their cellphone or using the app, they have the player chat disabled, or they are muted.

Whenever I play on-line poker, I automatically mute everybody. This is because there are entirely too many rude people out there, and I feel muting them thwarts their attempts to be obnoxious. Of course by doing so I miss out on the chance to meet all the decent people, but I figure on-line friendships are not really worth much. After all, you can’t ask an on-line friend to help you paint your garage, or give you a ride to the air port. :slight_smile: A character on a TV sit-com said: you only need 3 friends, a fat one to make you feel skinny, a dumb one to make you feel smart and a poor one to make you feel rich. An atrocious sentiment to be sure, but also kinda funny.