Unfortunate Registation

Hey this is Pmoe0887 I just place 13th in the Halloween Festival and it isn’t showing my ticket and I was trying to register for the Monday Special 1 at 3:00 pm and can’t do so… So if possible I would like to try to make the tournament thanks and have a nice day.

Hi Pmoe

You are registered already for the tourney Halloween Festifal, when you check the pop-up lobby you show at number 42nd of the list.

Greetings Happiness.

Note…The ticket you won in the Halloween Festival Satellite you can only use (you need only 1 ticket) for registering for the final tourney Halloween Festival on Nov 3th. But you can play all Halloween Festival Satellites for the special leaderboard to win prizes.

To registering free with a ticket for the daily millions you need a ticket won in the Daily Million Satellites or Daily Million Freeroll.

Sorry for the confusion pmoe0887 - we adding a new automatic registration feature, but didn’t do a great job to explain how it worked. I hope you managed to play in the main event.