Unfair practices to players

I was playing # 411328 and when we got down to 17 players, apparently the other table FROZE and my table was forced to continue play until there was just 1 person left at our table, meanwhile the othe table players r getting a pass all the way to the final table, this is so unfair. When it did finally get down to the final table there was only 1 player worthy of being there, the rest were barely holding on and hadn’t been playing for over 15 mins without making antes and blinds, I was the leader at my table with over 100k chips but due to forced play all the way down to just 1 person from our table I went out with just 3 ppl left playing. I would have at least made the final table if the other table was forced to play, instead of getting a FREE pass to the final table, Please reimburse me at least 9th place chips for my game, or lose a player forever. Jay Cain