Unfair Penalty

Aloha Team,

I’ve registered this complaint before. But since you changed the SnG leaderboard point system the unfairness has been made even more egregious.

I just played in a 6 seat SnG. #2077401 I arrived a minute or so late (it takes so damn long to fill a table that there are always folks late or not showing up at all.) but it was still in level one of the blinds. I busted out with a flush against a full house. And I was awarded zero leaderboard points. Since you are now awarding leaderboard points to every player you have made this penalty even more onerous.

I obviously didn’t consider the additional penalty for losing when I bet my flush. It is a very unfair policy. Should I not play my hand because I might receive this penalty??? And how would I even know how many hands have been played???

I urge once you again to reconsider your position.


Hi Bucksarge,

Penalizing players with less than 50% of hands played is meant to pick up the players who win a big stack early and then sit out, expecting to cruise home automatically. I am sorry to hear it has affected you in this way, especially after you waited for so long after registering.

Sit Outs and No Shows are a difficult issue to find a rule which satisfies everyone. We have come to realise that mtt and Sng are quite different animals when it comes to removing No Shows and I think we could treat the threshold for qualification for tournament points differently too.

Going forward, it is not going to change in the near future, but we are actively searching for an improved way to manage this




Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear that you are reconsidering this policy. Hoping it results in some modification to the rule.

With regards to someone winning a big pot early its quite easy for them to circumvent this rule. If thats the way they want to play they can just stay at the table and fold every hand with exactly the same result. Since the result of either approach is exactly the same for them, I would rather they leave for awhile since it would result in faster play for everyone else.

On the other hand, in my situation there was no way to avoid being penalized other than folding my good hands.

I’ll look forward to your modifications.

Best, Bucksarge

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