Unethical tactics..!

Hi, I was in a heads up tournament with MrGreen and he decided he had to leave. He continuously went all in until I ran out of chips. Please explain to me how that is within the regulations of this website. Thank you. Peace, Bob High Chief


I think you would prefer play “Pot limit” insted " No limit" I think you have to call these bets sometime. :frowning:

Hi Bob,

I’ve also responded to you via email. While frustrating, these players are not breaking any of the rules of poker, so that makes it difficult to outright prohibit this type of play. Instead, we have had discussions about adding special tables for players that like to use this strategy, as well as more pot-limit tables that would prevent players from going all-in preflop. It’s not an overnight change, but it is being worked on, so hopefully we can get these out there in the near future.

Cheers, Lesley