Understanding rank

Can someone explain to me how the rankings work???
Is it instant or delayed? Is it weekly/monthly/daily? I have seen my rank downgraded after winning and upgraded after losing.
Does it matter if you win a little or a lot? I have seen my rank downgraded after winning a little and upgraded after winning big.
Does it matter if you play long or short? I have seen my rank be downgraded after winning and playing short, but also downgraded after playing longer.
In the last 10 games, I lost 1 game and I had my winnings at a 10:1 ratio over my losings. Yet I was downgraded overall.
Can someone tell me how this program works?

Rank is decided by the number of chips in your bank. If your rank is 1,000, it means that 999 have more chips in the bank than you. When you get downgrade after winning, it means other people have won more than you in that period, so they moved up past you. If people with more lose more than you, they pass you on their way down. It makes no difference how much or how little you play, just total chips in the bank.

I’m not sure, but it seems to update once or more per day.

Hope it helos.


I concur !!


Thanks, that helps!
I guess that way you can buy yourself to a higher rank…


Speaking of buying. Your rank will really fluctuate the week of a chip sale. For instance right now is



I tried that just to see what would happen.
It worked. I jumped 300 ranks!
Now if I was rich enough I could be #1 without ever playing…


I never bought chips click… I take them from people who do.


We support Replay- We Buy some Chips when on sale… All Good.


I will not buy chips and do not like subscriptions but I did used to leave tips maybe several times a year. Looking at the cost of chips table the tips were worth a few hundred thousand. Please put the tip jar back.

another thought…a lot of players buy their chips from RP. When RP has a sale on chips, the buyers buy like crazy. At those times, I notice my ranking is downgraded. Then it comes back up a couple of days later…I assume after those same people bust.

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I agree. I buy chips once a year to support RP!

Yeah, rankings don’t mean a lot. They aren’t worth stressing over.

Consider this… if the best player in the world joined Replay today, he would be ranked 100,000 or more, probably much more. Would this make him a bad player?

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Buying chips to support RP and/or to use as a stake is one thing but buying for rank is just sad.

Sun Power,

Quick question, and thanks for your reply to the question. I’ve had the same question. When I win a tourney, the emails say I’ve won (example) 25,520 tournament points. What does that mean?

Is it really only the “bank”?

Appreciate your knowledge,

At the bottom left of the Promotions page they show leagues for Tourney play. Also Sit’n gos… Have weekly- monthly and Yearly rankings with chips awarded accordingly for top play by using the total # of Tourney points- etc.

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Click on Promotions on the main page lobby , scroll down you will see…




Click on one that applies to the games you are playing to see where you stand as far as points go for Leaderboards.

Yes, your rank only looks at your bank. As Gulf and my assistant Sharon have pointed out, the tournament points are for the various leaderboards, which award extra chips to those collecting a lot of points during that leaderboard’s duration.


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