Underappreciated singers and their songs

My first choice is Carly Simon. She composed several of her best including the one linked, had some success and then vanished from the public view.

My second choice is Marilyn McCoo. You may recognize her from her work with the 5th Dimension, but she also had a career as a solo artist (with back up singers and musicians, of course).

.Who did you think should’ve had more recognition for their work than they got?


Always for me I cannot understand why Hayley Westenra has not been appreciated more in Europe. Discovered singing Moirai songs in New Zealand I went to a live concert she did in Bournemouth and was totally blown away.


Carly Simon never vanished - she released 8 studio albums in the 70s, 5 in the 80s, 5 in the 90s, and 5 more since then. To be sure, she’s not as well know as she was when You’re so Vain (is it about Beatty or Geffen?) and Anticipation (about Cat Stevens as he called himself then) were topping the charts, but that’s different from vanishing.

I always thought that Iris Dement deserves more recognition than she has got, though she is quite successful.

My vote goes to Ian and Sylvia Tyson.


could virtually name any African singer but love EFYA

used this for marriage short film to hubby

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The Champs - “ Tequila “ they never got their due.


You would Love Beth Nillson Chapman’s First 2 albums, You won’t be disappointed!

Also anything by John Lennon. Mind Games is completely & criminally overlooked, Whole Album.

I so agree KILLMISTER, this is my favourite song of all time!

Its not there GV.

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Plays for me…

It appears to be a country-specific copyright issue, it’s not supposed to work in USA. I don’t know why, but that’s the notice that comes up. Something called “WMG” objects. Maybe it works in Canada. I’m not going to move just to find out, LOL, I’ll simply take your word for it being good.

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Ya know what plays for Myself? The first 2 Cowboy Junkies Albums, Incredible!

Sorry You’re Video was not shown, Is Beth the daughter of Harry Nillson?

No her father was a Major in the American Air Force and her mother was a nurse. I don’t know why the YouTube link does not play here for some, it plays fine for me :frowning:

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trying another link Alan…

This one plays just fine for me, Very nice too. The others is blocked by the owner of the video according to the pop up.


Well, that’s really odd. The first link appeared restricted by the owner and wouldn’t play. This one wouldn’t play when I tried to access it from my email account, but DOES open from here at the Forum. I wonder why. This young lady has a very pleasant voice.

Texas, the band which, as their name would imply, comes from Scotland.

They are hard to classify, really, a true adult contemporary sound, complex lyrics, beautiful contralto lead singer, definitely not teeny bopper music. Their album “White on Blonde” is one of the few I could listen to start to finish on a roadtrip and not want to skip any songs.

They are best known for the song “Say What You Want”, but they have several other great ones that never got any airplay, especially here in the US. As for their name, they were fans of the movie “Paris, Texas”, which is fitting because that is a great movie that teeny boppers would never appreciate, a very mature, complex film.

There is an artist that I like really well who is fairly well know and has a nice following in the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama areas, and she has appreared on tv many times over the years, but her music has never done real well Nationally or Internationally. She is a pretty good singer , a terrific piano player and a very funny entertainer. She also writes most of her own songs. She Hope you like her. She is hilarious in concert

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She was inducted into the Austin City Music hall of fame in 2018

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