"Unable to reserve your seat" message/can't play

Thanks for the update on what worked for you @SunPowerGuru! :slight_smile:


I have the same problem in most but not all ring games - unable to be seated despite empty seats. This started happening recently - maybe the last couple of weeks? I hard reload the site every day so have the latest code. Using chrome on windows 10.

Dev tools console shows following when I click on Seat Me Anywhere:

network-breadcrumbs.js:142 GET https://www.replaypoker.com/api/v2/tables/10359288/sit_requirements 400

  1. {tableId: 10359288,…}

  2. error: “You cannot play on this table as another player has the same IP address as you.”

  3. tableId: 10359288

but I don’t have any other windows open.

No problems, Windows 10 Creators Edition, Microsoft Edge Browser.

This past week this has been happening to me too…must be because I am not at a high level, but in the very low side

I need help getting a place at any game now. It prints unable to reserve. Why?
how do I get this fixed?