Unable to play hand, time out error

On about 5 occasions while playing, I have had a message “you ran out of time” and the hand folded. The last time was on game #70750157. I did not run out of time, my name did not light up and the run down clock did not appear. Can someone check this out as on 2 occasions I had a winning hand and lost chips.


I have noticed that the message I have just posted appears under an old account name that I have not used for ages and had forgotten about. I have recently returned to RP after a long break and created a new account name (harrycat) as I could not remember the old user name etc. Could you please delete the old account as I do not want to be accused of cheating!!! You can confirm from your records that neither account has been active at the same time.

Thanks again

Hi harrycat

It looks like you ran out of time on the turn and after the bet your hand was folded immediately, but you not greyed out.

Can you update or re-install the flash player Adobe again? That can help. What browser you use? ReplayPoker recommends to Google Chrome. Also clean up cookies and clean browser history.

Let us know it it helps, if not we try something else.

You can change your nick name in support here… http://support.replaypoker.com/people/ (or just click on your name in blue to go to your community support profile)

I’ll remove your old account.

Greetings Happiness.

lol, you already deactivated your old account:)

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply Happiness. Will try the remedies you suggested. Thanks again.

Regards, harrycat

Having the same problem, please fix.

Best is use the browser Google Chrome. Remove your cookies and browser history regulary.

Also you must have the last update of the flash program Adobe. Maybe a good idea to re-install it. You find a link for that free program here…


If this not helps, check your internet connection and speed.

Greetings Happiness

kapkat40, how often has it happened? When the time runs out even though you’re trying to play, it’s usually because your internet connection has dropped, is that possible? Do you have a wireless or wired connection? Is it fast, reliable?

the player to my right’s time clock runs down and within a second of my time to play I get the message “you ran out of time” this is so annoying. I have posted this error before and the standard reply from your your mods is “it is probably a problem with your computer”. This is a rubbish reply! , my computer is fine, My connection is 100% ( I have had this checked) Adobe and Flash are up to date so what now?. I will not be buying anymore chips until this is fixed.

Still having this problem, game number 72430011. Player to my right’s time clock runs down and the instant it closes and before my clock begins, I get the “you ran out of time message” I have not lost my internet connection so what is going on?

Harrycat - are you sure that’s the right hand: http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/72430011

You won that hand, so it doesn’t look like you timed out.

If it looks like another player’s clock runs down and then you get the run out of time, it sounds like you lost connection during that other player’s turn and it only recovered after your hand had timed out. If you’re on a wireless connection, check you signal strength and also check which channel you’re on, as sometimes different wifi networks close by can interfere if there all using the same channel. Check out this article for more info: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/when-defaults-are-bad-how-to-pick-a-unique-wireless-channel-for-your-router/

Never Play the lightning ones …they are so fast that if you take the time to try and raise …YOUR FOLDED … Had the nutz and tried to raise but …sshhptt …i’m back… shows up… it’s my own fault … the tournaments with the lightning bolts are for youngsters with great eyesite and good reflexes not for older and/ or unfamiliar players but as i said it will definitely NOT happen again …i’ll avoid Lightning bolt games like the plague… and i suggest that if you are not familiar or have hearing or eyesight problems

. you follow suit

many times I’ve pressed fold and it puts me all in and I’m out of tournament, what’s happening

This reply is regards to Sit N Go Lightning Tables: You know, if you suffer from any amount of lag on the Lightning Tables, you are pretty much screwed and at the very least at a disadvantage. I really think you could add 5 seconds to the timer without affecting the quality or the length of the game. That would help those of us who suffer from lag issues. Not everyone has access to high speed internet. The players are what really determines the length of the game and not the timer. A better way to speed up the games are to take 1 minute off of the rounds. I have played both table speeds and much of the time I have not noticed much difference in the amount of time it takes to play a game to the end. Would you consider a trial run of adding 5 seconds to the timer on the Lightning Tables?

I sign up for tournament after tournament and am unable to connect??? I have been able to play in the past and for the past week can’t???