Unable to open the table!

Reference Tourney 204702 Table 520935 I had a ticket returned from a prior unsuccessful attempt to play in a previous tourney. Again when I attempted to play I could not open the table1 I think I am done! The frustration now outweighs the fun!

Hi Dave,

Sorry to hear you’re still having problems connecting to tournaments. I know you say your internet connection is fine, however there are a lot of moving pieces every time you connect to a table, and there are a few factors that can affect your connectivity. We’ve got an article here (http://help.replaypoker.com/knowledge_base/topics/why-do-i-keep-getting-disconnected-from-games) with the things you can check on your side. If you continue to have problems, that article also has suggested details we’d like to collect from you if possible when you contact us again. Specifically it’d be great to know about the kind of internet service you use (cable, DSL, satellite, wired or wifi, etc.).

In the meantime, we’ve refunded this other ticket to your account. Sorry again for the frustration.

Cheers, Lesley