Unable to log in to tournament

I had a problem getting into my regular afternoon game and it so happen to coincide with a replay outage I looked at replay facebook and confirmed that there was an issue with chrome cloud I saw the message that the broblem was fixed but still was unable to log on I tried the whole night but unsuccessful I was traveling to Melbourne and stayed in a Panther Leagues Golf club motel The next day I stayed in a motel in Melbourne and had no problem logging in On my way back we stayed at the Golf club motel and had the same problem .After doing some research i found out that the motel/club network would not let me log in as they considered Replay Poker a gambling site ,i than tried another online poker site with the same result .The message is simple DO NOT STAY in licensed premises in Australia as the club network will not let you log in to online poker sites
I was leading the monthly regional league and missed out on 3 days of playing ,luckily i got home just in time and managed to win by 2000 odd points Good lesson learned


I was in the hospital back in February and I couldn’t log in using their wifi either. “gambling” site. ha!