Unable to connect to table

I have activated a new account, however I cannot connect to a table.

Hi:)…maybe this helps. You can find some help on the tab help / FAQ

FAQ - Quick Help

Do I need to install any software to be able to play?

No, however your web browser must have Adobe Flash Player 6 or above installed. In the unlikely event you do not have this you can download it here: Macromedia - Shockwave Flash

The Adobe Flash player (and the updates) is very important.

You can try to use an other browser too. Mozilla Firefox (the latest version) works well here.

You also need Java.

Do I need any specific ports open to be able to play?

Yes, ports 3000 to 3300 need to be open.

Good luck and hope to see you here soon. Greetings Happiness.

I see it is working now. Good luck and have fun:)