UI Design: Remove the Android App banner ad

Replay, we’ve seen the Android App banner add now for many months. Can we please remove it? It’s taking up the most valuable real estate on the screen. We all got the message. And, I’m sure you can program it to show it just to new users? Doesn’t seem like smart UI design.


I agree, it’s just another totally unnecessary waste of page space. More clutter that we do not need to simply play some poker. Get rid of it.

Using up some valuable real estate there !

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while you are at it move the login ABOVE sign up or better yet put it back on top of page where it was before lol

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I don’t mind where it’s at, you’re only going to see it once when you log in then gone …

i sometimes aim to high and you know what happens lol

Yes, definitely fix the missing Log In button. That’s just basic simple stuff.

That effects the poker play ? Let’s get things done that effects our game first, like the important things not Santa’s wish list .

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No, it does not affect play, but it does affect simple user interface. Something that is clearly not right, otherwise it would not be brought up. As far as gameplay related issues go, we can only hope for that.